Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy Idea #8 - Little People find Big Love in Normal Size Detroit

The lovely and talented Maureen deserves all the credit for piecing together the super awesome subject matter of this post. I'm marrying the right girl.

Last summer shortly after we got engaged in Venice, we went through the traditional rigmarole of checking out many possible wedding venues in the metro-Detroit area to find the perfect wedding combination of setting, setup, cost, and location. I think we went to a total of 9 or 10 places in and around Detroit, and one of those places was the Marriott Hotel in the Renaissance Center downtown. We ended up not choosing there as our final choice, but it was nice to at least consider the major Detroit landmark on the short list. The visit to the Marriott was of particular interest, because there was a convention going on in that hotel that was starting on the exact day that we were checking it out. This may have been the greatest convention of all time, and we were tickled to be there as the participants were rolling in for their stay. The convention: The Little People of America (LPA) National Conference at Detroit. In retrospect, it seems abundantly obvious that there would be such an annual convention roving its way throughout the United States, but at the time I was surprised and excited by the existence of such an event.

Time slip (a little Easter Egg for the millions of loyal followers out there) forward seven months to this morning when Maureen called me after seeing a commercial on TV this morning. She was watching TLC and there was a commercial for the television show Little People Big World about a family of little people (to appropriately round out my two-day coverage of reality television shows) living their lives. The specific mention in this commercial is that the parents in the show found love in the Motor City, and now one of the sons found a girlfriend also in the Motor City - at the exact same convention Maureen and I were at!!! Yes, you too think this is fantastic.

I believe the implications of this commercial are clear - every little person should move to Michigan with the virtual guarantee of finding love. Based on everything I know about specific relationships of little people, 100% of little people people can find love in Detroit. That is an amazing percentage, and there is simply no way for anyone to counter this statistic - unless this person has a brain and understands anything about statistics. I do think there is an opportunity for Michigan to figure out how to better target specific groups of people to try to develop a magnet population center for those groups. We need people who want to be here, be they large, small, or Klingon, and it is natural instinct to want to cluster near other Klingons. The concept is simple, but it is a matter of figuring out how to actually make it happen.

As a serendipitous indication that this is the subject I should be writing about today, there is a little person investigator on the rerun of Bones that is playing in the background right now. Sometimes I'm pretty sure I'm in tune with the universe.

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