Friday, March 27, 2009

The Craziest F#@king Thing I've Ever Seen on TV

Late tonight Steve and I were catching up on an episode of Lost from Wednesday night, and without giving anything too specific away, there was a room full of people and one of these people was all like "blah ba dee blah blah blah ba dee Ann Arbor." WTF??? Ann Arbor???? I missed it the first time around and Steve was like WTF and then I rewound it and he was right and I was like WTF!

I know that Lost has had some loose ties through the years to the University of Michigan, but this one was crazy and halfway knocked me out of my chair. I've been following the show relatively closely since its debut, and I would personally like to thank the creative team for incoporating the maize and blue into a clearly significant portion of the show's mythology. Ann Arbor. Kick ass. I'll always remember it - "blah ba dee blah blah blah ba dee Ann Arbor."


Tank said...

Katie and I had the same reaction -- thank you Lost for the plug? I'm not so sure I want Ann Arbor to be that well related to the Dharma Initiative.

AlexJD said...

yay Ann Arbor, but I agree that being linked to the Dharma Initiative gives off mixed impressions. but i'm just happy they gave us a shout out.