Monday, March 23, 2009

The Finale and My Verdict

It was hard to focus my mind on too much over the past 7 days. First, I spent a few days thinking about the Battlestar Galactica series finale on Friday night, then I spent two days avoiding any information about the show and thinking about eventually watching it, then I used two hours to actually watch the episode, and finally, a few more hours to reflect on the results and think about how much I'll miss the show. Man, I am going to miss this show.

Late last night, Steve and I cobbled together enough time to watch the series finale, and I don't think I could possibly have been more satisfied by the show - the miniseries, its 4 running years, the webisodes, the made-for-TV movie, and the wrap up of the whole story. Much like Arrested Development, I hope that many people of the world accidentally stumble on a rerun in a year late one night, get sucked into the BSG world, and then spend the next 5 years telling me about this great show that you're watching and then quoting back lines or plot elements to me. I like the show so much, I won't even mind.

Without giving anything away to those who may one day enjoy the show, suffice it to say that the show makes me reflect upon my life and simply enjoy my journey more. Allow me to rip off a quote from James Poniewozik, Time Magazine's television critic.

That, to me, more than any part of the ending, is pure BSG, a distillation of why I love this series. What finally makes your destiny is not prophecy, not gods, not a certain set of coordinates and constellations. What tells you you have reached the place where you should be is that you journeyed there. You fought and grieved and loved, did the right thing as much as you could, did the wrong thing more often than you care to remember, and did the necessary thing as often as it took. You spent nearly every ounce of life and will and got somewhere with as many people you loved as you could bring along with you. You have expended yourself and provided for the next generation and are getting ready to die, and you are in your last place.


BobA said...

I just want to support your comments. It was an interesting journey with an appropriate ending.

Maureen Brennan said...

So say we all!

That's all I know...

Ken said...

Maybe somewhere down the line, I'll convince you to watch the series with me Maureen. Perhaps we could do a swap of What not to Wear and Battlestar Galactica