Thursday, March 19, 2009

Come on CBS

Are you kidding me, CBS? I've waited 10+ years to watch Michigan play in the NCAA tournament, and now that they've finally made it after a very weird season and uncertain selection Sunday, you can't work out your HD television feed? I will have someone's head, and that person's name is CBS. I will never forgive you for this, and when I turn over 50 and I am finally in your desired demographic, I will refuse to watch CSI: St. Louis or The Ghost Whisperer's Daughter.

Update: You appear to have fixed your feed, but I still won't watch The Ghost Whisperer's Daughter. Maybe CSI: St. Louis

Much Later Update: Go Blue! Upon further reflection, I might consider giving The Ghost Whisperer's Daughter a shot in 24 years. I can't dismiss it out of hand just because it's a story about a girl who whispers to ghosts and I had zero interest in her mom. You need to have an open mind.

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