Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting, Explained

Tuesday, November 4th. Election Day. I love election day. No matter who or what wins, I relish sitting in front of the TV and watching the returns. Plus, I love wearing around my "I Voted" sticker for the entirety of the day. I just wish that the stickers had better adhesive qualities because they tend to fall off pretty easily. Stickers are just the greatest.

Maureen's dad directed her (and by extension, me) to THIS VIDEO of a program that was produced by PBS that breaks down the voter issues in Michigan. In other words, what does Proposal 1 really mean, what does Proposal 2 really say? If you're a voter in Michigan, this is the place for you to go get the critical information. I recommend watching it prior to voting, otherwise you will be watching PBS for no particular reason. Is that something you want to be doing? Think of all the non-educational programming you could be watching, like that game show on FOX where that moving wall with shapes cut out of it hits people into a pool. I used to watch a lot of Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street along with my bagel with one slice of American cheese.

If you're a Michigan resident (and also not), I support voting for Barack Obama. There are many reasons why I am voting this way, but one good bipartisan reason to vote for Obama (if you're on the fence) is because he has consistently stated over the past month that he would support additional aid for the domestic auto industry. Several months ago, Obama came into Michigan and criticized the U.S. auto industry for its poor environmental focus and used that as a tentpole issue in stump speeches around the country. I was not a huge fan of this tactic (though I understood it and didn't necessarily disagree with him), but I am appreciative of his support during and through our difficult time. If you disagree with my voting standpoint, that is quite alright, and don't worry, we can still be friends. After all, we do live in America. We can be even better friends if you bring me some cookies.


Craig Frankland said...

also -- your "I voted" sticker will get you free goods this year including:
- free coffee from Starbucks
- a free star shaped frosted donut with patriotic sprinkles from Krispy Kreme
- free scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's between 5-8pm

yeah voting!

Dan A. said...

Free tacos were better.