Thursday, November 20, 2008

Combining Two Loves

If it actually makes it to the air, I find this to be very cool news. A couple of successful executive producers from The West Wing and Prison Break are working on a show for the FX Network about a second American Revolution that is started by a youth movement in Michigan (tentative show name is AR2). One quick quote to describe the show from one of the producers is that "It is set in Michigan, home of the top U.S. automakers, where "corporations undermine the common man and the government is not interested in helping (the common man)."

This sounds a lot like an idea I've been tinkering with lately - except my idea was broader like "Hey, someone should make a show about Michigan and figure out a way to draw attention to Michigan and possibly include zombies and ninja turtles and various references to my blog." I'm glad that someone has finally acknowledged my creativity and I expect that I will receive some sort of creator credit during the title sequences for my contributions.

This show still seems to be in the pre-embryonic stages and it is entirely possible that it will never make the air. If it does eventually show up, there may be no more U.S. auto companies and it will have lost some of its relevance. I think this should be reason enough to convince the government to float us some money.

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