Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Schmoting, Where Schmoting Means "Is the Cool Thing To Do"

It's here! I will never grow tired of watching MSNBC and people waiting patiently in a gigantic line in Virginia. Democracy is the greatest. Once upon a time, I would have had to kill someone, or lots of people, to change my leader. Those were simpler times, but also filled with more killing, which is bad.

A couple points of pride for my fellow Michigan voters - as of October 23rd, 98% of eligible Michigan voters were registered to vote. That doesn't necessarily translate to voting, but 98% is far and away the best voter registration percentage in the country. We care immensely about the direction of our state and country, and want to do everything within our power to push the state in the direction that we individually and collectively feel will lead to the prosperous future for which we yearn. No one individual or decision has put us in our precarious position, and no one individual or proposal can solve our problems. The best place to start is by voting today.

Number two, it is fantastic to see neighbors and other precinct residents at the polling location. These are people I see while taking runs around the neighborhood, coached me in grade school basketball, or shook their canes at me. I don't know what their political viewpoints are, but they all live here and are doing their part, today, to prepare us for a better future. I know all of this is a bit cornball, but something about voting makes me swell up with pride. That's saying a lot because I'm normally pretty swollen from a combination of pride, pizza, and elephantiasis, so I make sure to reduce my pizza consumption to make room for the additional pride.

If you're a registered voter (and if you live in Michigan there is only a 2% chance that you are not), you owe yourself, but mostly me, to go and vote today. Be patient with the kindly but incredibly slow people working at the polling stations. They are probably doing their best, and if they are clearly not doing their best, throw a pie in their faces. Something banana cream.

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