Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Works on Contingency?

I was originally going to name this post "What? A Satirist?" and that would be incredibly clever on so many levels. Since I can't find clips of The Simpsons on YouTube (stupid copyrights), I'll have to type out the dialog explaining why I am so clever, thereby making the reference far less enjoyable for you.

Lionel Hutz: All right, gentlemen, I'll take your case. But I'm going to have to ask for a thousand-dollar retainer.
Bart: A thousand dollars? But your ad says "No money down".
Lionel Hutz: Oh! They got this all screwed up... (makes a few corrections) "Works on contingency basis? No, money down!"
Bart: So you don't work on a contingency basis?
Lionel Hutz: No, money down! Oops, it shouldn't have this Bar Association logo here either. (Rips off Bar Association logo, swallows it)

On my daily internet prowl, I came across this post, written by someone who claims his name is Tom Barlow. Alternatively, I was considering naming this post "Satire, thy Name is Tom Barlow". One of the best things about blogging is that if you do not have the time to come up with your own original material for a day, you can always poke fun at someone who put in some amount of time and effort. The internet is mean.

I know most people probably won't actually click on the link I provided, so here it is in all of its hilarious hilarity. No, I have not altered this in any way to make it appear less funny.

How Obama could save Detroit, jobs, and stimulate the economy

As President-elect Obama looks for ways to save our economy, I'd like to humbly suggest he consider taking a page out of Oprah Winfrey's play book by offering an 'Everybody Gets a Chevy!" economic stimulus plan.

The measure, which would put a new American-built car or truck in every American driveway, would put GM back on its feet, send thousands of GM employees back to work and free up consumer cash for other necessities such as conversion kits and spinner hubcaps. And the cost? What's a few trillion among friends?

I'm undecided about whether Americans should have the opportunity to pick out the model and accessory packages of their free car. Put me down for a 'Vette, though. A red one.

And yes, this is satire.


On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am most thankful that he told me that this article was satire directly within the article, otherwise I would still be trying to figure out what I read. I find that people think I am most funny when I have to explain what it is that I'm going for. My thought process jumped from "Is he being serious?" to "Is he being funny?" to "this is the least funny thing I have ever read" to "Ohhhhhh, I see, it's satire. Priceless." Maybe it is satirical because of the Oprah reference? or possibly because he would like a red corvette? Maybe he and I are working off of a different definition of satire, where my definition includes the phrase "doesn't suck" and his definition of satire includes the phrase "really, really sucks".

And yes, this is satire of satire. Count it.

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