Friday, November 14, 2008

Stop Saying Another

Everyone in the world,

Please - when referring to the loans hoped for by the automobile manufacturers, stop using the phrase "Another bailout" when also considering the $25B in loans that were allocated to them in the last budget cycle. The logic is beyond simple.

None of this allocated money has been distributed to any of the automobile manufacturers, and some original estimates said that access to this set of funding will not be available until early 2010. If any money is to be granted, and that is up for debate for the whole world, this money is needed now to assist their liquidity problems. Yesterday.

When I talk about things I want, I do not say that I'm lining up for the raise after the next raise I hope to get, or that I'm looking forward to the summer after next summer. Similarly, I am not currently seeking out my second wife (hopefully never a necessity) when I am engaged to be married next August. The context in which people paint the discussion is flawed. Let's make a deal - as soon as the government grants the autos some funding assistance with an actual corresponding transfer of funds, at that point everyone can start to use the first set of funding as a reason to not provide a second set. For the purposes of this post, I am not arguing for or against funding, but the English language developed the way it did for a reason. Another requires a first.

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