Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vigilant of the Vigilant

Just a fair warning to the Michigan residents trying to make their way to or from work or the grocery store these days - I'm not sure what is going on but it appears as though cops are EVERYWHERE right now. Is anyone else observing the same thing over the past week (Maureen just said that she totally agrees so that's two people)? I know there are certain weeks or weekends when cops around the state perform some variation of a sting operations where they are particularly focused on speeding tickets or other moving violations so they hit the streets in force with the intent of generating as much revenue and ruining as many people's driving records and auto insurance bills as possible, and maybe this is one of those weeks. In particular, I can speak primarily to the Ann Arbor to Royal Oak stretch of freeway and side streets thereabouts, but there have been cops all over the place and lots of poor folks waiting anxiously to figure out what kind of ticket(s) they're about to be stuck with.

What really sucks about this to someone like me is that I'm not much of a speeder, but I do kind of regularly hover about the 74/75 mph range to help me to get to places a little faster. This is typically easily slow enough to keep away from speeding troubles, but when the cops are out in force like right now, they'll pull you over for just about any speed over the posted limits.

So, friends, stay vigilant and try to make it through this crackdown without any new infractions. Don't break any laws, but if you do mildly break some laws, keep your eyes open.

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Tank said...

definitely agree. so that makes three of us! I've seen the last week I saw police officers on a couple of roads for the first time in over a year.