Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unrelated to Anything

Courtesy of the aforementioned busy things going on right now, general TV watching has been way down. Despite this indescribably sad drop off in my life, I still try to make time for Days of Our Lives for an occasional workout.

I'm starting to think that I'm not in the prime expected demographic for the purposes of advertising for the show. The primary reason for this is the potty dance. What's the potty dance you ask? Thanks to the power of the internet, I would like to share the potty dance with you right now:

The potty dance is played over and over and over during the show, and Huggies must pay for the prime spot at the very beginning or end of the commercials in a somewhat feeble attempt to bust DVR watching. I guess in some ways they are succeeding toward this end because I find myself both wanting to do the potty dance and to buy diapers for someone - anyone. Unlike the embedded YouTube video, the commercial typically runs 30 seconds, whereas the full on version runs a full 2 minutes. I hope the guy who wrote and performed the potty dance made big dough for this. Huggies probably paid him was booze right upfront and demanded the final version of the potty dance in the next ten minutes.

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BobA said...

I can't believe how enthusiastic the adults are during this song!