Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy as a Busy Person

I see my mom, dad, and Maureen almost every day these days and they're pretty much the only people who read my writings, so this whole exercise is pretty pointless. Just in case someone accidentally stumbles upon the website, I felt obligated to just make a quick mention of the fact that right now I am extraordinarily busy and I have to split my free time between my loves of catching a few moments of recorded television and writing about Michigan. Every once in awhile, I attempt to combine these things and it never really goes that well. My current weekday goes like this: Wake up, perform analysis, go to meetings, try to get in a run, paint new house, fall asleep. My weekend goes like this: Wake up, check email, paint new house, sand new house, take a work call, do some work based on the call, return to painting house, go to sleep. This won't go on forever, it just so happens that work has greatly intensified at the same time as this whole home ownership thing. Whoever told me (no one) "there is no less work than owning a home" was totally full of it. In this instance, "it" means crap. Stick with me people.

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CraigF said...

hey! I read your writings too!

painting sucks because it is just easy enough to do yourself, but enough of a pain to wish you paid someone else to do it for you.