Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Crazy Goes a Long Way

Subtitle: Stop Making Us Look Like Dicks

I have a vague memory from many years ago of either my mom or dad (the memory is that vague - I can't gender distinguish) explaining to me the Michigan militia. At the time, the whole concept seemed ridiculous and I was only about 14 years old.

"Wait, people in Michigan are preparing for war against our own government and have huge stockpiles of weapons? That sounds crazy!"

14-year-old me was and is right, and it is a crying shame that so many people who are unarguably insane live and "train" in Michigan. This week, the FBI arrested and is charging nine people with plotting to kill police and "use weapons of mass destruction" - though no articles I've found indicate the specifics of these mass destruction weapons. If this whole story was just a little more over the top, it could be something right out of 24, and it is not easy to top 24. Whenever I feel the urge to stop the Antichrist embodied by the U.S. Government, I pause for a moment, remember that I'm not crazy, and move on with my life. Haven't these people ever heard of Lazer Tag? It's SO MUCH FUN! You can shoot people with lasers, check your score, and call it a day. If you want to shoot more, pay a few more dollars and go shoot some more people with lasers. It's a perfectly fun and danger-free way of shooting people.

Can anyone explain to me the relative stronghold and proliferation of the Michigan militia when compared to other states? I wouldn't think we necessarily have more crazy people than other states, but I guess it's a possibility and would explain most of it.


BobA said...

I think they are in Michigan because we have such fine woods to hide in.

Dan Anderson said...

paintball trumps laser tag

hahah speaking of woods, wouldn't it have been sweetly ironic if they were hiding out in a nat'l park. *laughs at own thought*

Ken said...

Good one Dan - it took me a second to get it, but once I did, it was totally worth it.