Sunday, March 7, 2010

spring but then winter but then really spring

As has been the case since at least 1982, it is again clear that winter will break and be replaced with good things like leaves and birds and increased warmth. This is a spectacular thing and can only be legitimately appreciated by those who have have temperatures that vary by 100 degrees over the course of the year. Kids are out riding their bikes and people who haven't walked their dogs for the past 4 months are increasingly in my way on my runs. Before you know it, I'll be complaining about losing to some softball team that brought in ringers during the playoffs. Stupid ringers.

As has also been the case since at least 1982, Michigan weather is inconsistent. It gets warm, it gets cold, it gets really warm, and then it snows before it hits 75 that same week. This is obvious, and while we all talk about "how surprising it is that it's snowing in April," it's really not that surprising, it's just something to talk about with people with whom you otherwise have nothing about which to talk. This is all fine and good and part of working with people in offices, so we continue on with the farce of surprise. Plus, no one likes the guy who challenges the social norm and says things like "it snowed in April the last three years." Just go with it, that guy.

Today The Detroit News wrote up a quick article on the current warm weather. They mention that it is going to stay at or near 50 all this week, which is pretty great, but the best part of the article is the last sentence, where it says "Though spring officially arrives March 20, meteorologists warn that past years suggest it may be too early to rule out another snowfall." Is that what meteorologists warn from their years of specific training to deliver the weather to us? Geologists warn that California may be prone to earthquakes due to recently experienced earthquakes. At the very least, I'm happy to know that meteorologists are no dumber than the rest of us in using past experiences to vaguely predict the future. If it was anyone but meteorologists, I would probably call whoever it was making this prediction a bunch of idiots, but now they have legitimacy.

Every year I forget how boring the Oscars are until I try to watch them. What is it about optimism that causes me to give something so bad another shot year after year?

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