Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something for Everyone

Revel in the development of a human who is much like a regular person, only way smaller and unable to make words and memories. One day when he's an anorexic neurosurgeon, we'll reflect back on his dexterity at 14 months, as well as his strong interest in preferring his food on the ground as opposed to his tummy. I dare you not to smile, and if you win this dare, you are a joyless person.


Tim Chilcote said...

No wonder he's throwing his food on the floor - the dog doesn't even want it.

BobA said...

I could answer Tim by saying the dog is simply well trained. But the real answer is that there is a second dog right below where the food is falling. The first dog is just polite.

Gail said...

It's pasta and peas! I didn't mess that up! Lily waits for food to be thrown to the right side of the chair, Reggie gets the food on the left side.