Wednesday, October 15, 2008

(Not) Live Blogging the Debate

It is now apparent why political commentators are most often not humorists. Within half an hour of the debate conclusion, I heard at least three different people try to make the lame joke "The winner of the debate was Joe the Plumber." I have to give the nod for the Joe the Plumber joke to Tom Brokaw who I believe was the first person I heard make this comment, so congratulations to Mr. Brokaw.

But really, come on guys. It would be like if I was running for President and my last name was Boner and everyone thought it was funny to make up catchphrases like "America needs more Boner" or "Boner is good for you". Name jokes are only good if they're creative. That is why I am sad to say that the last name of an incoming quarterback for U of M next year is Beaver. Clever college students around the world will be proudly wearing shirts like "I Heart Beaver". Genius.

Was anyone else frustrated by the lack of insightful post-debate feedback? Soledad O'Brien was standing up in a room full of Ohio people, counted 10 hands for McCain and 20 hands for Obama, and then declared that Obama was the winner of the debate. After a second, she then added "based on the panel in this room," but why do I, you, or Ziglorg of planet Boner care about a room full of 30 Ohioans. "Ziglorg likes Boner"


Dave said...

You should care about that room full of 30 Ohioans because everyones vote counts, right? What if 15 Ohioans vote Independent is that throwing your vote away?

Dan A. said...

You forgot about the thousands of Beaver comments that will plague Facebook.

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