Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heaven Must Be Missing Some Polish in You

Thanks again to Alex for pointing me to another interesting piece of information about our fine state.

Yahoo! Real Estate published an article on September 29th that ranks metro areas that have the highest percentage of people who would say that they are single. Detroit ranks number two immediately behind San Francisco and ahead of New York, Boston, and New Orleans. Another interesting statistic is that Warren is the #1 city in the country with the most even male/female split of the population. I could say something inappropriate here like "If you're looking for some hanky panky, come to Detroit", but that would not be appropriate for a family website, except I did use the phrase "hanky panky" when I could have gone way worse than that. I could also say that if you would like the most even odds when throwing a water balloon into a crowd between hitting a man and hitting a woman, come to Warren.

This is a pretty interesting statistic, and I don't know if it means that people from metro-Detroit have particularly high and unrealistic expectations of their mates, people in the D are enjoying the single life, we are a little more liberal with our definition of "a relationship", or if we are particularly poor at making a move on the opposite sex. "How about those Tigers....and sexual intercourse." You might think that this would be a perfect pickup line, but you would be seriously and sadly mistaken. Next time, try the Red Wings.

There's got to be some good way to market the value of a high percentage of singles in any particular area, but who would pay for and coordinate that effort? I guess that is my purpose.

If you're looking for some hanky panky, come to the D.


Alex said...

i think the Kraft Singles picture makes this article.

Ken said...

I'm glad that you appreciated the picture! I was trying to think of some worthwhile picture to add to the post that would encompass the content while also being completely irrelevant. Based on your feedback, I hope that I have found success.