Monday, October 6, 2008

Shockingly Underappreciated...Ha....ha......h

Yesterday evening, the Detroit Shock were crowned the "world" champions of the WNBA by finishing their sweep of the San Antonio Silver Stars. The collective sound that you hear is everyone turning off the 'Who Gives a Crap' channel. I did not even know there was a team called the San Antonio Silver Stars. On top of that, the Shock weren't even able to complete this victory in their home stadium of the Palace of Auburn Hills because of a scheduling conflict. They had to play at the Eastern Michigan Convocation Center. Could you imagine the Pistons playing for the championship at Chrysler Arena in Ann Arbor? Not a chance.

Not that they need or care about my pity, but I feel quite bad that the Shock cannot build momentum for broad appreciation from people of Michigan. Did you know that they have 3 championships in the last 6 years, and they barely lost in the last game of the finals last year? That is a pretty stellar series of successes. I agree that the WNBA is not that exciting and it is hard to commit attention to the games, but the Shock should probably be placed up there in the pantheon of successful sports franchises in Michigan. If I was in a debate with someone about sports teams from different cities and we were debating the highs and lows of the teams from our respective states, I would certainly place the Shock miles above the Lions. The WNBA is not particularly exciting to me, but that doesn't make me less proud of the Detroit Shock and their accomplishments. I could never have guessed that Bill Laimbeer would have been a good professional coach of anything - unless he was coaching professional donning a mask and throwing them 'bows.

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