Thursday, October 30, 2008

People. Earth's Greatest Resource

I've done this a few times before and I can pretty much guarantee you I will do it more in the future because I find it immensely funny. Yesterday, a search engine directed someone to my website who was searching for the word "Orgees". I love you person who thinks the word is correctly spelled orgees, and I urge you to find a safe outlet for your hobby.

Today, someone else found my website because they searched for the phrase "the gayest thing on earth." This was actually my master plan when I wrote this post back in the earlier days of my blog. Based on these two searches, people may start to get the seriously wrong idea about my website, but I have no problem with that if it leads to more readership. Orgee on.


Nick said...

Yesterday 50, yes 50 extra readers showed up at ordinaryshmordinary. I don't know what happened, Dashboard didn't keep track of how they got there, but they came from all over the world. A strange hour in blog-land, to be sure.

Ken said...

Well Nick, I am incredibly envious that you somehow got 50 random readers to show up in one day. Congratulations on that, but if you ever figure out the cause, certainly let me know. I'm pretty much completely out of ideas of how to convince people to start coming to my blog without any sort of marketing budget. I've plateaued and can't figure out how to get out of this freaking plateau. It's particularly depressing because of the time and energy on spend on this thing, but now I'm just throwing myself another pity party.

Nick said...

The best I can tell is some strange error in blogger was redirecting people to the site. Some of them actually looked at it instead of leaving in disgust!

One other time in the first month, people showed up from a "new blogs" site. Seems like it was a site which randomly picked a few blogs and had my link in the sidebar. Don't know how it happened, but it didn't bring nearly as many as Thursdays weirdness.