Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Here to Help You (Freak Out)

I talk about money frequently, because in the end, doesn't everything come down to money? Money and cake. Instead of boring and confusing you with my personal take on the fact that none of our parents will be able to retire until they're 80, I'll let CNN Money / Fortune Magazine do the job for me. If you have a few minutes of free time and are scratching your head trying to figure out why everyone is watching CNBC and sweating, it would serve you well to read the suggested link to enhance your understanding of the current financial turmoil. I find the material to be a pretty straightforward explanation of our international current financial situation with a few useful tidbits sprinkled in for those with both minimal and advanced financial understanding (i.e. what happens if my insurance company goes under).

On another note, here's a brief article about fall colors in Michigan's U.P. See, the leaves aren't green - much like our bank and investment accounts - so why should we worry?

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Peggy Brennan said...

Hi Ken, Thanks for the article. I wanted to pass along the title of a book I'm currently reading for my book club: Where Does The Money Go? A Guide To The Federal Budget Crisis. It's great for those of us who need a primer on financial matters. Even though it was written before this current meltdown (published earlier this year), it eerily predicts the current situation.