Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Runs

Things that are perfect about taking an in-the-dark freezing cold run during a wonderful Michigan winter:
  • The slight hint of gasoline in the air from people using their snow blowers
  • The local ruffians playing hockey in the ice rink set up in the nearby park late into the night
  • Trying to find areas of snow on the road because in Michigan, snow actually provides more running traction than most other available surfaces
  • The way hair turns into icicles during the cool down walk
  • Running on a really cold day actually feels pretty nice the day after walking on a really, really cold day
  • Snow on the ground coupled with either the moon or a couple of house lights is beautifully luminous
  • By the time it gets truly cold, the daylight is increasing every day
  • How superior you feel to everyone else after finishing for braving the cold
  • How comfortable you feel after a warm shower, putting on some PJs, a hoodie, and slippers, and sitting down to a hot dinner
  • Not being on the hook for a run tomorrow because you took the punishment today
  • Finding genuine enjoyment in something that so many other people hate


Ken said...

winter runs is not a reference to diarrhea

Tank said...

thanks for the clarification.