Monday, January 11, 2010

Boo and then Hiss

Our internet has been down from last Tuesday through right now, and the earliest possible time that we may have internet again at our place is Thursday afternoon. In the meantime, every time I want to check my email, I have to drive to my parents house. Very convenient. My guess is that the girl who lives beneath us and is not a fan of the living arrangement crawled through the walls of the condo and clipped our internet connection. I wouldn't put anything past her.

On Thursday, someone has to come and lay a new line, crawling through three of the garages in our building and then burying the line to give me internet access. I don't hold out much hope that things will be working after Thursday as there is legitimate infrastructure work that must be successfully completed. What I'm wondering is when I call the company to get the credit for the days that we have been without internet, can I also charge them gas money it took me to get back to Royal Oak for internet access?

This is a big week for my family and there's lots to write about what is going on, so hopefully everything will be up and running soon.

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