Monday, January 4, 2010

Gigantic Ups

While I love all of you out there, it would be a lie to say that I love everyone the same. Today the person that I love the most is an old grade school chum, Nikki, who I believe I have mentioned before. Nikki linked to me through her Facebook page and my readership today increased 100%!!!

Going from 1 reader to 2 readers may not be a big deal to you, but think of all the ants that could fit in the space of one human body, and if you do it that way, my human-ant readership increased by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

In fact, I would like to offer up complete appreciation to Nikki and her brother, Dan, who was an early adopter and occasional linker himself. I'm not sure if Dan still lingers around these dangerous and revolutionary parts of the internet, but if you're a reader once, you're a friend for life - especially if you actually keep reading for life.

Thanks to everyone who gives a crap!


Dan A. said...

been having browser/bookmarking problems that doesn't remind me to come by more often. but i'll get it worked out and keep reading.

Nikki said...

I've been reading your blog during a terrible Pathophysiology class where the teacher puts Wikipedia on the projection screen and then proceeds to search for relevant topics (bradycardia, renal failure) and then reads to us from it. Word for word. So, I've been reading your blog (I always have read the blog, but now I read it religiously every Monday and Wednesday)... my classmates were jealous because I have things to do on my laptop instead of listening. So, I linked your blog on Facebook and I can honestly tell you that on that particular day, your readership went up 100000% because at least 25 people in the pharmacy class of 2013 were reading your blog.