Monday, January 25, 2010

Louis Filler

My sister posted a few videos of baby Louis up on LouisTube over the weekend, and I've watched them all about 50 times. At this point, they are all more interesting, exciting, and funny than any recent episode of Heroes. Poor Heroes, once so full of promise and excitement. This is one of those rare times where if you're reading this on Facebook, you should probably jump over to the actual blog to see this video because it will hopefully light up your day.

For his first birthday about a month ago, some genius person gave Louis a mini ball pit. As I still love ball pits, it should be no surprise that a toddler would feel no differently. In this short clip, Louis reminds us that we all need a trip to Chuck E Cheese.

1 comment:

RobA said...

If he never goes in that thing again, that 36 seconds of happiness, shared with the rest of us, is worth it.