Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On the Road Again

My internet was completely down from sunup to sundown yesterday and remains down today. On top of that, I'm off to California from tonight until Sunday evening so I will do my best to ignore my work responsibilities on this trip and put together a few thoughts on something or other.

Today I gave a tongue lashing to a younger middle aged middle eastern woman and I kind of feel bad about that, but I've warned the world that I think it is in your best interest to keep your dogs on their leashes. Her little puppy ran all the way across the street up to my dog when I took her for a run earlier today, and if there was a car on the street at that moment, her dog would have been obliterated.


Nico said...

How did she respond?

Ken said...

She was a little guilty seeming but also a little indignant that I would dare speak to her in a less-than-friendly fashion. There's more to the story that I think puts the right squarely in my court. It would serve me well if my fuse was a little bit longer, but this is one of those things that I'm just entirely out of patience.