Friday, August 21, 2009

The Day Before the Day

Today is the day of my wedding rehearsal, which means that tomorrow is the actual day of the wedding. Maureen and I are pretty OK with whatever weather the sky throws at us, though we are hoping it will be more nice than less nice. That's a bold statement.

I've spent the last ten days regularly bouncing back and forth between and and selectively picking the weather forecast that I prefer. At this point, they both seem to have converged on there being a slightly less than 50% chance of rain at the moment we will be exchanging our vows, so it will be very interesting to figure out if the ceremony is indoors (I <3 Boobs for the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy! lovers out there) or outdoors. Whatever happens is going to happen either way, so focusing too much on it takes my attention away from other, far more important, things.

Most importantly, this is my note to you, friends and people who aren't going to be married to me tomorrow, informing you that my writing over the next 1.5 weeks is going to be severely limited. One of the reasons is that I will be having a wedding rehearsal, wedding, wedding brunch, and honeymoon - in that order - and this will be occupying a fair amount of my time and energy. The second reason is that I really feel as though I have peaked with being in the same building as Jerome Bettis, so I need just a little over a week to gather my thoughts and figure out where to go after such an event. Nothing I can say will be more important or valuable than this event (excluding the wedding, of course).

So there you go - as much as I love writing this blog, I love Maureen far more, and pretty much everyone has told me that if I plan on still being married after the honeymoon, I probably shouldn't use my time during that period for laptop-related events like working and writing. On the upside to you, maybe my future life will provide me the opportunity to reflect on things I've learned about being married ("What's the deal with female underwear" and "Don't you hate it when hit your mate when you have night terrors").

As always, thank you for your patience and general devotion to me and Michigan during this brief downtime. I'm going to try to maybe convince Steve to carry the mantle for a few days with an update here or there, but I have not been successful in this effort before. Maybe he can make it a wedding gift to me (and of course to you). Then I will have a writing staff of two and I will have grown 100% in just over one year. That is a really fantastic growth ratio. Look for me to be listed on the NYSE next year.

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Tank said...

this might work if Steve's gift to you wasn't an I.O.U. --

I guess he can pay off his gift through writing....