Friday, August 7, 2009

Boo, Get Off the Stage

People say (not me because I'm an enlightened man) that women make for less hilarious stand-up comedians. There are many notable exceptions, including the likes of Sarah Silverman, Joan Rivers, Roseanne, and so on, but the opinion definitely exists about women just not being as good at being professional comedians. It is important that we all stand up for the inherent sense of humor that many women have - that is, until you read a headline like this "Big Ten? More like Big Dud" from today's edition of The Detroit News by author Angelique S. Chengelis. Oh man, talk about setting your gender back about twenty years.

It may just be that my sense of humor is so much more advanced and honed than yours (yesterday during the Tiger's game against the Orioles, I thought the Orioles had a guy on their team and his last name was WeiNer. It turns out it was WeiTer, which is far less funny) and therefore I am more critical about things I find to be unfunny, but I haven't been able to stop thinking all day about what a terrible article name. Do you remember the first person someone "PSYCHED" you? I do. It was in fourth grade and a kid named Tim G. was like "Hey Ken, would you like 5 dollars?" and I said "yeah" and he said "PSYCHE" to which I replied "Yeah! where's my five dollars?" The article goes on to talk about how the Big Ten probably isn't as competitive as Midwesterners would like to think and that teams around the country are looking down on our little division of ten+1 teams, but it is impossible to focus on the subject matter with that title floating around in my mind.

"Good Weather? More like good Rainstorms"
"McCain wins! NOT!!!"

Ehhhh...I really love both of my Detroit newspapers even if one sucks way more than the other, but next time, I plead that someone stand up and make the difficult decision - that being to tar and feather the person who came up with this headline. We demand better, and we deserve better.


Dan A. said...

man i never knew Joan Rivers was even funny 'til I saw her on Fallon; couldn't stop laughing

Daniel J. said...

Artie Lange is funnier than all women on Earth combined!