Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yup, Still Here

In the awesome and totally ski-able wake of my 1 Year Birthiversary last week, I wanted to let all the people out there who don't read my blog but will one day stumble upon it during their study of early 21st century human development that I'm still here and writing. Yes I am.

The reason this comes up is because the one somewhat frustrating question that I happen to get with surprising regularity is "Hey Ken, you still writing that blog thing?" I am! And you know what better way to find out? Come to the frakking blog to see and read. I appreciate the general interest in whether or not I'm still wasting my time here and also the good-natured effort toward conversation, but if you really wanted to be a super swell stand-up gal, you'd give me $500. In this instance, I don't much care if you're a reader or not. Not too much is better than $500.

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Daniel J. said...

Hey, you know I'm the only one that's always there for you, man. It's a cold world out there, and I've been put here to warm up your blog. Either that or I'm just an overzealous idiot that enjoys anything and everything. I'm starting to feel like you're growing a bit of hypocrisy lately. You've been asking for readers to read and comment; yet, by virtue of commenting I am asking for responses. Thus, you must reverse this bad karma and respond to my comments and the readers will come. Problem solved. Now...turn around...go ahead...turn around a look back......I just turned 'We are of Michigan' into wine! (South Park reference)