Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Party All the Time

Today Steve confronted me with a very good and complicated question:

Do I prefer that my girl party ALL the time or party NONE of the time? This is a complicated question and requires additional consideration. In other words, any time that she is not working or performing other necessary life responsibilities, she is out partying. Now, partying could mean a few different things - going out to the bar, partaking in illegal "partying" activities, going to bombastic birthday parties, etc., but spending time at home with family most certainly does not count as partying. There is no option other than partying. On the flip side, the girl who does not party all the time refuses to ever party and becomes upset if asked if she wants to go party. Her life likely consists of general solitude and quiet. You are typically somewhere with her, quite often boring, surrounded by people who are most certainly not partying.

I think this question is a little bit easier than question 2, which we'll address in a minute. For this quandary, I would strongly prefer that my girl party none of the time. I just couldn't keep up with someone who was literally always partying, and I think my unhappiness from constant partying would vastly outstrip my potential boredom from never partying.

Question 2 has one very subtle difference: would I prefer my girl WANTS to party all the time or NEVER parties? If she is not partying, as Steve put it, she's in a similar mood as when you are mowing your lawn. You're not necessarily unhappy, but you're not even close to as happy as you might otherwise be. In this situation, I think I would again prefer the girl who never parties. It would be too much for me to deal with if I knew that my girl was mostly unhappy or, at the very least, apathetic with life if she was not partying. Fortunately for most, this is an extreme situation you will never have to face, but it probably makes sense for you to consider your preference in the instance that you confronted with the age old question "To party, or not to party. All the time."

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Daniel J. said...

Why so definitive with such a vague question? There should be no bounds to her partying as she should remain independent in her decision-making. In order to have a successful mutual relationship, you have to maintain strong independence in my opinion. If she partied too much, then maybe you were hasty in your choice of lifelong sexual partner (that's my term for marriage). I feel that females need more social interaction to sustain their self esteem than us primitive men (I know; it's pretty lame sarcasm). Let her "party" at her own will if you trust her to uphold morals and loyalties in doing so. No absolutes should be involved in this question. But to answer the question honestly...I'd say party hard baby!!!