Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 Year Birthiversary

Congratulations to me, and you, but mostly me! Today, June 18th, marks exactly one year since I started this blog with little fanfare and even less public interest. Most importantly, even if it totally sucks and gets even worse in the future, I've kept at this little hobby for one whole year. I guess technically I'm at one year +1 day, but that is way more commitment than my magic, juggling, and yo-yo careers. I had such big dreams for the yo-yo.

I have long since given up my hopes of reaching any sort of mass audience or interested mass audience or even disinterested mass audience, but I'm truthfully quite thankful for the few people that have consistently supported We Are of Michigan, and by natural extension the state of Michigan, through their reading and comments. There are a group of people who I know continue to read and encourage me with their remarks, and I'd like to try to thank this elite and superhuman group right here.

Mom and dad (but not Steve, he doesn't read that much, and Gail and Jeff don't read that much either but they do have a new baby who just by living creates content for writing), Maureen, Craig (Tank), Alex, Dan A., Dan M., Todd, Joe, Alycia, and Maureen's mom.

If you think you're a true fan and I've missed you, it's most likely your fault and you need to be more vocal in your love of me. How am I supposed to know you love me if you don't remind me every couple of minutes? For everyone else out there, screw you! What's your problem? I'm working my ass off here for your enjoyment. If you don't find it interesting or funny, the only explanation is that you need to adjust your understanding of interesting and funny.

Things aren't much better right now in the state than last year as we hoped, but that doesn't mean we can't keep enjoying the positive things in and around our home. Thanks for reading, keep coming back, and just maybe I'll be writing next June 18th to bemoan continued lack of interest in the blog. My parents always taught me - "everyone likes a whiner."


Tim Chilcote said...

Tim likes this.

Dan Anderson said...

DUDE (this is worth an all caps DUDE)

I had a dream last night I met a guy named James who reads/comments regularly on this blog.

Tank said...

ooh, I like all blog posts that make fun of Steve somehow! Keep'em coming in year 2!

Daniel J. said...

I agree so much, Ken. Putting yourself out there and enjoying yourself doing it in this regard is tasking but rewarding in a way. However, I've read many of your commenters comments throughout the year, and most haven't been too well thought out. I think that I deserve a little more acclaim than an abbreviated name near the end of the list. At least put me at, or near, the top. I think we had this discussion to a degree the last time you wrote a thank you blog...or was I the one that suggested that you should shower me with compliments? I think I might have even blackmailed you into doing it so that I would keep showering you. Either way, it's a win-win. And, I know what it's like to not be heard. In my case, I've spent many hours of research and development with We Are Change Royal Oak/Detroit - Educate and Disseminate against Bilderberg cause on facebook to wake up masses of people. Only 277 so far. Maybe this time around, I'll blackmail you to join my facebook cause. hhaha just kidding to each his own. Regards,
Daniel J aka the best blog commenter around these here parts

AlexJD said...

Super delayed, but Congrats man!