Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ambiguously Gay Voices

I did not realize this until I read it online one minute ago at TVSquad and I'm still surprised. Did you know that Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell provided the voices for Ace and Gary of The Ambiguously Gay Duo? All part of my series "The things you learn at 1:00 am on Sunday morning while your significant other is traveling for work." It's like when I learn that a song that I enjoy was actually created in 1972 and some modern artist is just stealing a sample from that artist from 1972. Next time I attempt to illegally procure a Snickers from a gas station and get caught, I'll just let the worker know I'm sampling the store. That should clear up any misunderstanding.


Anonymous said...

Is this the paradigm shifting blog you had indicated I would find?

It doesn't change my feelings about the Steves.

Daniel J. said...

With music, it's only stealing if you're profiting monetarily from it without consent. That's probably what happened there. I just like to incorporate all music into my playing with no limits encompassing all my influences in small, yet noticeable manners. I'm doing a video tomorrow (Friday) with some new recording equipment that I finally have at my disposal. I'll email it to you once I have it mastered and what not. It won't be studio quality and will most likely just be me playing guitar without a backing track or other musicians. You do know that Harvey Birdman is also Stephen Colbert, correct?