Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Claim Him as Ours

It's funny, you know, I probably don't care about your child and think that most of the things that he or she does are pretty boring, but this guy - this guy is fascinating. This is his first attempt at consuming sweet potato, and enjoy the transform from relatively happy and risk-taking baby to horrified and devastated sweet potato-eating baby. It may be the funniest ten seconds I have ever seen that you think is completely boring. First, he stares at his dad, then his mom, with one question on his little mind, "Why, why have you done this to me?"

For the moment he and his parents remain stranded in Minnesota, but I imagine one day I shall claim him as the property of Michigan. There's this episode of Cheers where Frasier and Lilith's child, Frederick, is about to have a circumcision, and Frasier temporarily kidnaps his own child and makes a brake with him to save him from this skin-related procedure. In a short few weeks, I'll be attending his baptism, and while I'm not saying that I will kidnap him, I'm not saying that I won't kidnap him.


A-ro said...

If you do kidnap him, will he be sitting between or on top of the dogs on the way back to Michigan?

Go bucks.

el Presidente said...

That's just the "I'm eating sweet potato" face. I still make it every time I eat sweet potato (when served to me in company). Is it more rude to refuse the sweet potato or to eat it and make the face?

Ken said...

el Presidente, very funny. I guess it would probably be more rude to eat the sweet potato and make the face. If you refuse the sweet potato, you can make up all kinds of excuses like allergies or fear of the color orange. This way, by refusing, you will not be perceived as rude, only incredibly odd.

Greg said...

Minnesota or Michigan, He's All Big-Ten.