Friday, June 26, 2009

iPod FAQ

Alright people, so a couple weeks ago Maureen gave me my first >1 GB iPod for my birthday and I'm enjoying listening to a whole bunch of music that I would not normally listen to because I wouldn't want to rifle through the old 50 pound CD book to find one CD for just one or two songs. Then, after finding the right CD, I would have to wait for the CD changer to slowly eject the CD, then go to another CD, then I would have to wait for it to go back to the blank CD slot, then I could finally load it, and then listen to the music. Major butt in the pain. Look at me - proud member and citizen of the year 2004 with my "i's" this and "Googles" that. Here is the one main question I currently have regarding the iPod that I'm hoping a loyal member of my readership community may be able to answer.

When I'm shuffling through songs, how in the hell do I stop the shuffling process without having to go back to the artist list, select an artist, select a song, and press play. The main reason this is important to me is because I let shuffle do its very sexy thing, and then when I come across an artist or a CD I want to listen to in entirety, I would simply like to stop the Shuffle process and pick up the music from the current listening point on the CD, preferably with the touch of maybe one or two buttons. Right now, I cannot do this effectively and it is incredibly frustrating.

The reason this is important to you is because as you also traverse the streets of Michigan, you don't want me rifling through my immense artist list to try to find my way back to the exact same song I'm currently listening to sans-shuffle. A recent study shows that texting while driving is actually more dangerous than driving drunk. I don't think looking for a song on the iPod is much different from texting, and I don't want to be worse than a drunk driver. I'm looking out for you.


c_agacinski said...

I don't know the answer, but it might be in the book
iPod: The Missing Manual by Jude Biersdorfer and David Pogue. I bought one for Susan when I bought her an iPod Shuffle.

AlexJD said...

This cannot be done. There is no "app for that."

As a reward for loyal readers, I suggest you start posting your driving schedule so we who come across We Are of Michigan on a regular basis can then decide whether or not an alternate driving route for the day is needed.