Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Obligations

Man, things have been quite busy around these parts. Between working on purchasing a home, traveling for work, dog sitting for the parents, getting the internet fixed, actually doing a job, and all the other personal and professional things that come with life, it's just a little bit hard to find the right time to sit down and gather my thoughts. Don't think this means I'm missing any of the valuable TV that defines my self-worth, but other things are slipping slightly (such as writing). Up until a few years ago, this would have made me crazy.

Life is a series of obligations, and for most of my life, I really, truly hated doing anything for just about anyone. It was pretty fantastic. I wouldn't say that I didn't do anything for anyone, I just didn't find much pleasure in it. Aging, even though I haven't done too much, has slowly started to change this self-centered approach to life. I also wouldn't say that I'm not still self-centered, because I definitely am, but every day I find increasing value in doing non-me-based things for others. It is almost as fantastic as doing exactly what I want, when I want, with the added benefit of actually helping out someone else.

The best thing about all this is that it's becoming increasingly easy to find satisfaction through fulfilling these obligations that previously woulda/coulda made me violently angry. People have always said that getting older enables a person to better appreciate how their actions and willingness to help out positively impacts others, but it always seemed like a load. Maybe there's hope for me and book reading yet.

After writing the above, I didn't press publish for about 30 minutes because it felt pretty self-aggrandizing. Eventually I decided it was OK because I am pretty aggrand.

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