Monday, February 15, 2010

Help Wanted

You would think that during times such as these with unemployment stagnantly sitting at uncomfortably crazy highs, people would be clamoring for every last available job. This logic appears to break down when you consider the non-race for the governor of Michigan. Today another realistic governor candidate, Bob Bowman, decided that he also wanted no part of chief executive of Michigan.

I say also because he is the most recent in a long line of individuals (it's not that long a line when you compare it to the line of a roller coaster or a line at The Red Coat Tavern but still kind of long in the realm of viable gubernatorial candidates) who has backed out of the race without really actually entering the race. His departure-without-entering is a shame because he looks like kind of a handsome guy from the picture and something about him reminds me of a young Santa Claus with both less fat and beard but the unmistakable Santa twinkle in his eye. The following people were all considered potential (maybe likely) candidates for governor who bailed:

Denise Ilitch
Hansen Clark
Dennis Archer
John Cherry
L. Brooks Patterson.

None of these people really gave a great reason for backing out like cowardly lions, but most likely, they all realized they didn't have the Cojones to step up to the plate and hit a white knight touchdown for Michigan. Sports and Medieval metaphors! Without having more information, every quitter feels like a personal rejection or mild affirmation that some of our problems may just be beyond repair. I refuse to accept this, so again in the absence of better information, we'll have to assume that all these people are no smarter than me - and we are therefore way better off without having them as governor. Maybe we do need a nerd?

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