Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crime Always Pays

Today is a magical, but falsely so, day for this endeavoring and endearing blogologist. On February 25th, 2009 (the last Heavy Tuesday) I wrote a dumb piece highlighting why I thought it made sense for America to move to a Paczki-based currency system. I'm still behind the general concept of baked goods backing our currency and Paczki as this baked good makes as much sense as any other baked good (they all make no sense), so I have no reason to update my thoughts from this time last year.

Where this is most interesting is that earlier today, friend and all around good person Katie, emailed me that when she did a search for "paczki" in Google Images, an image that popped up near the top of her search was the photo I stole for my currency article linking to this article. That seemed pretty interesting, but I assumed it was an anomaly. However, at the time of this writing, I have just under 200 unique website visitors on the day - easily an all-time high. This is a spike of approximately 199 visitors on a per day basis (and I come almost every day), and this spike must certainly be entirely driven by the photo I borrowed from the internet. I know this because, ironically, no one cares about the Michigan governor race (see yesterday). This day has taught me a few valuable lessons:

1) I'm not sure if a picture of a doughnut constitutes "intellectual property", but if it does, stealing intellectual property is a great idea.

2) The key to generating website traffic is to focus on a topic that no one cares about 1/364th of the year, but that one day of interest can really make a difference.

3) I am incredibly heartsick that a paczek (singular for paczki) did not find its way into my tummy this Lardo Tuesday. This is an insult to my Polish heritage and I will focus for the rest of the year to eat as many donuts as possible in an attempt to approach the number of calories I would have otherwise consumed in the form of a paczek.

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Tank said...

you didn't eat a paczek? shame on you.

you should try to pick up a bad habit during Lent just to even out the balance in the world.