Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Difficult Job Market?

If you're one of the millions of Americans who are hoping to find a job, today is the day where you have to acknowledge that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the international job market, and that it is entirely your fault. That is the only way to interpret the new reports that Kwame Kilpatrick is going to be gifted a job in Dallas with a successful affiliate of Compuware called Covisint. You may be educated and gifted and experienced and a capable leader, but you have to ask yourself, are you a convict? Because if not, you really should consider going down that road for the greater good of finding a job immediately after you leave prison.

Kwame getting this job is no surprise and I think everyone more or less expected something very similar to happen shortly after his stay in prison, but that does not make this event any less ridiculuous. How does anyone find the peace of mind to hire someone who is admittedly (he allocuted) corrupt, a failed follower, a failed leader, and with such a terrible beard? One day we will have an even deeper and broader understanding of the failings of Kwame, and him finding a job in the impossible job market will be even more upsetting. Part of Kwame's plea bargain should have been that he had to work at an inner-city McDonald's as the fry cook/janitor for a period of no less than one zillion years. Also included in the deal would be that the McDonald's patrons have the legal right to throw ketchup packets at him and force him to eat all components of their meal that they were unable to complete - blended together as a milkshake. I will provide the blender at my own expense.

Peter Karmanos has done some good things for Michigan through the years, but when it is time for his eulogy, all I will remember is that he found convict Kwame Kilpatrick a job in the most difficult job market of our lives.

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shazzerxo said...

I would like to be gifted a job, seeing as how I'm currently using the job title "freelance traveling nanny."