Sunday, February 22, 2009

Issue Fatigue

Several months ago, I was introduced to a fine young chap named Todd who is married to one of Maureen's co-workers. For some reason or another, Todd decided that he likes my blog and has become one of the few but extremely cherished regular readers. On nights when I see him, like Saturday, there is generally some sort of discussion (which I like because I love to talk about all things me and me blog and also me) about either the frequency or lack of frequency of my posts. Over the past couple months in particular, I have been periodically suffering not from writer's block or anything like that, but rather the complete opposite - I'll call it issue fatigue. It's much like the proverbial emptying the ocean with a teaspoon, or stabbing someone to death with a spork. Trust me, it is not easy to stab someone to death with a spork. There are so very many things to try to comment on that a general sense of numbness and occasional apathy slinks its way into my motivation. Just writing about Kwame and Carlita K (the K stands for "why, Lord, did you subject us to these people") would be enough to wear any reasonable person out. The world locally and at large seems to deteriorate just a little bit more every week, which makes it unfairly difficult for the optimism guy to not want to pick up a spork and just start stabbing.

PLUS this week's Battlestar was good but not as good as I would have hoped with only 5 hours left to go in the show. So to Todd and all others who would like more writing from me, you better hope that if the world doesn't get a little bit better, Galactica next Friday vastly exceeds expectations. To end on an up note, here's a clip I saw on The Soup a couple weeks ago. The only thing better is Paczi Day.


Dan A. said...

I was set on requesting you to write a blog titled, "No, that Jimmy John's at 14 and Crooks is NOT open."

...but then they opened.

AlexJD said...

My spork always breaks when I try to stab people to death. Maybe they should make them in something other than plastic.

Craig said...

hooray paczki day! You have to like days called "Fat Tuesday" when you are encouraged to eat a gut buster like a paczki.