Sunday, February 8, 2009

Days Like Today

Whoops - I didn't realize that I missed posting on both Thursday and Friday of this week. Not as an excuse, but I find it harder to eek out a little bit of time for writing when I'm working at extremely weird hours (for example, I was rocking out on Excel on Saturday evening from 10:30pm-2:30am. Jealous?).

This winter has been one of the colder winters in my memory. More than the cold, though, it has been the relatively unbroken stretches of cold that have made this winter a little bit harder to manage. The upshot to the chill has been that the winter has also been fairly sunny. This kind of give and take is like listening to the song Ironic and then halfway through the song your radio explodes and you get hit by exploding radio shrapnel. I heard that Alanis Morissette was considering that lyric for her song but realized that it was too "extreme." These stretches of relentless cold are discouraging and make it hard to remember how things are when the climate is just a smidgen more temperate.

That is why I absolutely cherish days like yesterday, today, (and if the forecast holds) the next three days. For these brief instances, we are lucky enough to experience these flashes of relative warmth and comfort. People are out walking their creatures and around downtowns (I think I saw Braylon Edwards in downtown Royal Oak today), taking out the garbage isn't so much of a pain, and the piles of ice are starting the slow but guaranteed dissolve into eventual spring. It's still cold out there, but days like today remind us that yes, there will eventually be another spring, summer, and fall. I don't need it to be warm in the winter, but the occasional ray of light like this weekend makes the remainder of the winter time that much more bearable.

Now all we need to really turn up our spirits is a ray of economic light - surprise profits from some giant corporation, a great stimulus or revised bank bailout plan, the believable assertion from one of our automakers that bankruptcy isn't waiting around the corner. All we need to make it through the weeds is a reminder of what it is like when things aren't so tough. That may be too much to ask for right now, but even winter has to occasionally yield.


Dan Anderson said...

Worth noting that if the high holds for Tuesday then several records will be broken in places like Detroit and Chicago...more like shattered actually.

AlexJD said...

what's fascinating is the college students on days when it is warmer. granted it is not 12 degrees outside anymore but it is still in the thirties, therefore capris and flipflops are not acceptable yet.