Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Hope This Isn't Our Moment

Is anyone else watching the Michigan game right now?

Furthermore, if you are watching, are you praying, much like me, that the song by Kenny Chesney "This Is Our Moment" is not a recurring theme for the remainder of the college football season on ABC? I won't be able to take it - I'm going to have to swear off football for the whole 2009 season.

Going into many commercials, halftime, quarter breaks, etc. ABC rolls into a video package cutting back and forth between game highlights and some video of this insanely painful song. How dare they force me to listen to this garbage? I have strong feelings about music and they don't always coincide with the opinions of others, but there is no way that more than 50% of the people out there in TV land have positive feelings toward this song. This may be the shortest period of time it has ever taken me to grow to hate a song, including "My Humps".


Ken said...

Other terrible songs that have been related to ABC and sports include "Let's Get It Started" and "This is How a Heart Brakes"

Maybe it's not so much the songs as it is hearing bits and pieces of a song 30 times during a game.

No, it's the songs.

Ken said...

Though I do have to say that I absolutely love the highlight during the video package that includes the Michigan players running out and hitting the banner, and that one guy who goes first falls over right after hitting the banner, and then tries to get up and another player falls over him.

I saw this when it happened and couldn't stop laughing, and then when it made the highlight reel it was made even more awesome. Somebody make sure that guy has a scholarship.

Dan said...

Country and football don't mix. Exception: Monday nights.

BobA said...

I also hate when each batter for the home team has his own song they play each time he comes to bat.