Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unfleeced UnPart 1

So on a recent post I may have implied that my dentist was being ever-so-slightly less than honest about the need for some fillings based on some magical cavity detecting laser. I'm still skeptical about the laser, but when I went in for my fillings on Tuesday, the dentist said that one of them was a bit bigger than he anticipated and it was a good thing that we decided to fill that one.

That makes me feel just a little bit better about the whole process, though I guess I don't really have any proof that he didn't make up the part about the cavity being a little bit bigger than expected, and to convince me of his case, he used Novocaine and in my numbed state, he decided to go nuts with the drill. What I can tell you for sure is that I didn't get feeling back on the right side of my face for three or four hours, so he could have been doing anything in my mouth while I was on the chair. No, don't go there.

That makes this post my unofficial apology for implying I was the victim of medical revenue-generating practices. A little skepticism can be good, on occasion, but generally it is probably a better idea than not to trust your various medical professionals - except for that guy behind the liquor store named Doc. He should not be trusted under any circumstances.

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Daniel J. said...

Yea Doc will get you what you need, dog. Unfortunately, we do need medical professionals to mend wounds so you have to establish a rhetoric of trust with your doctor. Give him the hard questions, and don't accept flimsy, apathetic answers. Thankfully, not everything is corrupt, so building a strong sense of intuition is key to weeding out health professionals.