Monday, May 11, 2009

Please Stay Put

Here I am, living my life, most certainly not oblivious to most of Michigan's daily challenges. Then, out of the blue, something new comes along and smacks you right in the face. Whether or not this is a legitimate concern or real story is up for discussion, but I do not like that this is yet another thing piled onto the plate and I did not even realize it was something requiring concern.

I was startled earlier this morning to read the headline "GM Ducks Question About Moving HQ" in The Freep and immediately more or less started to calmly freak out. Moving headquarters out of Detroit? Southeast Michigan? Michigan? The Midwest? The U.S.?

A little more reading over the course of the day has led to different types of speculation with varying degree of doom. Fortune reports "GM Home Likely to Stay Put in Detroit" and someone somewhere else speculated that GM may consolidate its operations into the expansive technical center in Warren.

From a business standpoint, I can't speak in depth to the benefits of GM moving HQ from one place to another, but from a Michigan standpoint, I hope to all gods of all religions that GM can find success while staying put in the Renaissance Center. In fact, I there aren't too many things worse for the state than GM moving out of the D. Michigan needs a healthy Detroit in its ongoing fight to change perception of Michigan as a whole. GM has put in a considerable amount of money toward this end - from massively overhauling the RenCen to funding a significant portion of the RiverWalk to bringing additional employees downtown to fill Detroit's streets and stores, and probably lots of things I can't recall off the top of my head. First and foremost, GM cannot leave Michigan, but just leaving Detroit, even for Warren, would be a painful blow.

If Fritz H. is out there and happens to be a fan of my blog (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha), please do everything in your power to keep GM in Detroit and Michigan. On top of that, if you could help make the company profitable, viable, secure, and environmentally friendly, that would be swell. No problem, right? Right?

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