Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Foote By Any Other Name

There are those of us out there like me - and probably you if you read my blog. Either that or you love cleverness and insane hilarity. One of these people is Larry Foote.

As reported yesterday, Larry Foote, professional football linebacker, is joining the Detroit Lions with a one year contract. That is just about the most kick ass thing I could imagine, for a few different reasons.

Foote is from Detroit, played football at Detroit Pershing and the University of Michigan, and is one of those people out there who gives me the little glimmer of hope and pride I need to keep going sometimes. He has two Super Bowl championships with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was released from his contract to make room for a recent Pittsburgh draft choice. Over the past years, Foote has spoken glowlingly about the possibility of returning to Detroit to play football for the Lions, despite their abysmal suckiness. He is a guy who absolutely loves Detroit, and is of Michigan. Here's a passage from Michael Rosenberg's column in The Free Press today.

There are a few things you need to understand about Foote. One is that he is a Detroiter and absolutely loves the city. He plans to live here for the rest of his life, no matter where his football career takes him.

On nighttime national TV broadcasts, when players are asked to introduce themselves to the audience by announcing their name, position and college, Foote always says "Larry Foote, linebacker, Detroit Pershing Doughboys."

There are many reasons why Foote is coming to the Lions, but the fact that he seems to truly love the city, despite its numerous bumps and bruises, makes me want to give him a big huge hug and take him out to dinner. I don't think any one individual can be a savior for a football team, but that doesn't matter. It makes me more proud to know that other people are proud - especially rich and famous people who could go anywhere and afford anything.

All of this is why I am proud to announce the unendorsed and completely unaware officially unofficial mascot of We Are Of Michigan, Larry Foote. I will donate 10 cents for every tackle that he makes for the Lions from my left pocket to my right pocket.

If you have the love, spread it around - let it be known. Larry Foote, unofficial and totally unaware mascot of We Are Of Michigan, agrees with and supports you.

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Tank said...

wow -- left to right pocket charitable donations! you are so generous.

I prefer ken's pockets to my pocket for every tackle, and I'll give you a dollar for every Lions win.