Saturday, January 3, 2009

Was that Weird?

A week ago today, I headed to the local YMCA at 11 Mile and Woodward to sign my parents and myself up for Monday evening yoga classes. My parents convinced me to give yoga a try last session and I found it to be an interesting way to diversify my workout from just lifting weights and running. For a big guy, I'm decently flexible except I hate any time in which I have to sit in a cross-legged or butterfly style. My hips do not point at all out to the side, and whenever I'm supposed to sit with my knees toward the ground, they're more or less pointed straight into the air.

Right behind the front desk at the Y, there is a large collage of photos of people doing fun things at, I assume, the YMCA. There are people working out, doing arts and crafts, swimming, and otherwise engaged in fun community-building activities. The one thing that caught my eye and I found particularly odd was that one of the photos had a young boy painting a word in an artsy style and that word was "Selabit". I thought to myself "I do not recognize that word but when I say it in my head it sounds familiar." A few seconds later, I realized that the word I had in mind was celabite. There were a few things about this picture that are odd, and I'm not sure which is the most weird. First, there is the clear spelling error here. Does the Y promote misspelling and otherwise poor grammar? I certainly hope not. Second, I was unaware that the Y was into teaching this kind of thing to youngsters. I know the Y has a Christian foundation, but it always seemed to me that certain aspects of humanity were not addressed within the Y - at least until children are a little bit older than the kid in this photo. Third, why would this boy choose to make an arts and crafts project with the central theme of "Selabit." He could have art-ed baseball or cheetas or Snickers or SpongeBob, but he made the unique choice and took the project in a pretty interesting direction. Finally, how did the Y choose to put this oddness on their central behind-desk collage?

I have no problem with any of these things and there may be a perfect explanation to all of my questions (possibly the boy's last name was Selabit), but at the very least I thought this little oddity was noteworthy. May I recommend that you go sign up for a class at your local YMCA in the hopes of seeing this great photo.


John said...

Have you tried Bikram Yoga (HOT yoga)? It is quite possibly the most painful 90 minutes one could spend working out but I always feel better at the end. I also find that yoga (Bikram) is a nice accompaniment to my running/cycling.

Ken said...

My buddy Craig swears by Bikram Yoga. He just loves it. I don't know if I can handle that much heat and temporary discomfort (plus, I hear that there is a pretty typical...cleansing...that happens when you get back home after the class). Aren't there lots of stinky people in the class with you?

Ken's Buddy Craig said...

you get over the stinkiness very quickly, I don't even notice it anymore. Bikram yoga got me to touch my toes for the first time in my life so I highly recommend it. The temporary discomfort is always worth the end result with this kind of yoga.