Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Rhymes with Llama

Yeah it does. Bet you haven't thought about that one..

As a disenfranchised Michigan voter in the Democratic primary, I pretend voted for Hillary Clinton. I felt like a big boy going to the voting place and checking off a box on a piece of paper which, at the time, literally counted for nothing. It was a good practice round for real voting when my rights as an American citizen were re-instituted. Ever since that time, I've been impressed by Obama in many respects, but I always harbored a bit of a grudge against him. He had said some things with which I disagreed and he did not want to defend my vote in the primary until it was clear that he was going to win the nomination independent of my wishes. I felt a little burned and angered by the whole process.

None of that matters at this point. Obama proved himself to the American public, won the election, and has been able to consistently generate enthusiasm, pride, and all kinds of other warm and fuzzy things that make people happy. The inauguration yesterday was a momentous event and we'll hold it in our collective consciousness until the first Martian is elected President of the United States. All the children on my basketball team watched the inauguration in their classrooms at school and one girl's parents actually took her out of class to attend an inauguration party. How lame would yesterday have been if McCain won?

Anyway, despite my preliminary dissatisfaction with Obama, I am convinced that he will be the greatest President of all time. This is because he does not have any other option but to be the greatest President ever. If he fails, we will continue to fail and fall further into the well out of which Lassie can not save us. Regardless of your political affiliation, you need Obama to be the best leader in the history of the United States, lest life continue to suck hard.

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