Wednesday, June 18, 2008

With All Due Respect to Reality

I would like to make something very, very clear. I am neither blind nor ignorant to the state of my state. Over the course of what I hope is a long and well-updated series of posts, I fully intend to take a measured view regarding whatever issue I am posting. This isn't to say that I won't have a personal viewpoint on a subject and that my writing will not reflect this viewpoint, but I do not think that a meaningful and worthwhile movement of optimism can be built with an ignorance toward harder truths and facts.

So, if I have the honor of having you as a semi-regular reader, please remember that I try not to be closed to the facts or realities of life. It is much easier to buy into someone's vision if that person is a zealot who also seems to display a reasonable amount of common sense.

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biggied19 said...

Objectivity breeds quality subjectivity. You have to learn to see things from all angles to be truly objective, and then, and only then, you can form opinions subjective of your thoughts on something you already grasp from virtually all angles. As far as I am concerned, if you hastily compile information and use this frail background data to back up your points then you may as well lie down in a river and learn how to swim because all you are is a fish that will never find any valid answers. A FISH!!! Fishing for random comments about utterly serious topics that should be left to the likes of Ken, Stephen Hawking and I. For all those fish out there: Te ves come mierda y muerte. I hope this was almost as interesting as whatever you did last night. I am your new biggest fan, Ken. Relish that because someday it's going to make you proud. I read your blogs now daily along with the young turks and assorted goodies blogs.