Friday, June 20, 2008

Stop Reading - Go Downtown

Many suburbanites have long-since abandoned even considering the possibility of visiting downtown Detroit for one reason or another. These people have their explanations, but this weekend is prime time for lovers and haters alike to head downtown to enjoy the GM River Days.

This event runs from June 20-23 and culminates in one of the largest fireworks shows in the country. The GM River Days festival includes concerts, food, rides, the opportunity to enjoy the relatively new River Walk, and apparently some sort of Super Dog that can jump 25 feet. I am afraid of any creature, be it man, dog, or llama, that can jump 25 feet.

River Days is sponsored by many fine institutions and businesses primarily based in Michigan, and it is a good place to start our mission of ongoing support of the local economy, our local businesses, and the revitalization of Detroit.

Go outside, get downtown, and ride the carousel.

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BobA said...

As a frequent walker along the River Walk, I wish to verify what a wonderful experience it is. It actually rivals a walk along the Chicago lakefront or Seattle's downtown walk along the Sound.