Monday, June 23, 2008

Difference Making For Dummies

Is there some sort of handbook available about how to genuinely make a difference in anything? How and where does someone start when they want to make an impact? Seriously, I really need help in this area, and I have to imagine there are more than a few people who also struggle with this subject.

I think that writing rambling thoughts that no one actually reads on the internet is a good jumping off point as it indicates at least some small willingness toward action, but a solid knowledge of Mavis Beacon and the English language are unlikely to change anything. Is public office the answer? If public office is the answer, how does someone become a public official? And which public official can have the most impact? The last time I counted, there are more than 20 public officials in almost every city, thereby exhausting my available number of fingers and toes. How do I determine if I want to be an index finger or pinky toe public official?

Let's say that I had my eye on one of the big toe jobs - governor, for example. Is it possible for a regular person without millions in the bank but an overdose of enthusiasm, hope, and knowledge to become governor? Do I first have to be sanitation commissioner ("The Garbage Man Can"), then district attorney, then mayor, then governor?

Bad news is depressing, but feeling helpless to improve the bad news stings that much more. Aren't we tired of thinking that the problems we face are too overwhelming and complex to conquer? We can't just want to make a difference, we need to make a difference, but we will all have to depend on others to guide us in the correct direction.

If I had given up whenever a problem seemed too big, then I would never have fit that whole Subway sandwich in my mouth.


Tank said...

I'm pretty sure that you need to start small -- but that doesn't necessarily have to be elected office. You can work for elected officials or parties in your area. That way you learn the higher ups and make connections. After making connections you can begin the process or running for offices (school boards, local reps, city council). As you take on those roles, then you build your name recognition, which is basically how you earn lower level public office positions.

at least, this process sounds about right to me...

biggied19 said...

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