Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Great Day

Smashed in between meetings, I had the luck to watch the last 35 minutes of the U.S. game against Algeria in a Chili's. Regardless of what you think about chain restaurants, the bottomless express lunch remains a great deal with all you can eat tortilla chips, soup, and salad. You can make it is healthy or not as you choose. I fully conceded to another year of World Cup failure, but then, magically, GOAL!!!!! Landon Donovan in all of his wonderful petiteness drove home the best (not prettiest, but best) goal I have ever seen. At that moment, I damaged my throat through overly zealous cheering and hurt my finger because I still haven't learned how to perform a celebratory clap with a ring on my finger. That really hurts when done incorrectly.

The entire Chili's exploded with noise, people were throwing about high fives with reckless abandon, and my brother called me to celebrate even though neither of us really had anything to say except "YEAH!" It gives me hope for America's future soccer fandom. If lucky, we only get three World Cup games every four years, so extending the run by just one more game is a great victory in and of itself. Every time I see the goal replayed, my face is consumed by a big, goofy smile and I want to start hitting hands with palm outstretched with whoever is nearby.

Then, as the ice cream sundae that was my day was concluding, I read this! God is surely smiling on me today. Kwame has finally been indicted by the feds for being a moron 19 times. I can't say I expected these indictments to focus on mail fraud and tax-related charges, but what the hell. You know what they say - never look a gift 19 federal indictments in the mouth. I have to say, though, that 19 seems absurdly high. With 19 charges just focusing on mail and tax, it makes me feel like the feds could indict me for at least 15 things right now and I don't even have a clue what those things might be. I guess the bottom line is this - don't piss off the feds. On top of that, don't be the worst person in the world. What a great day.

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