Friday, November 6, 2009

A New Approach

Tonight, I'm going with my family and Maureen to see the Bob Dylan concert at the Fox Theater downtown. Jealous? Yeah I'm not sure if you should be.

The thing is, I don't really know all that much about Bob Dylan and if pressed, I could probably name about 5 Dylan songs on a good day. I can tell you that he looks like a ghost come to life and that his voice has a...unique quality to it. Maureen and I saw a very, very old video of him and I was shocked to see that he was actually somewhat handsome once upon a time but his voice even at this young age sounded like a wheezy fart. Someone I regularly work with said this is a typical Bob D. lyric:

"I dhhht knaa wahh yuuve bee toll .... do yooo? Yoo uss to tal ou loaa ...." That sounds about right to me.

Tonight marks the start of a new approach to my life. If I have the opportunity, privilege, and means to see or do something, why not? It's not so much carpe diem as much as I need to stop sitting around in my sleep pants when I'm not working. I've tested the limits of the phrase "you can only watch so much TV" and I disagree with it, but I do think there are more things out there in which to participate. Today, then, marks the first big test of my new life approach - going to see a musician in a live show who has a specific appeal and I may not fall in that specific group and his shows are known for being fairly hit-or-miss. But hey, it's Dylan and I'm alive, so why not?

Here's a cartoon. My apologies for the Priceline commercial at the beginning. I'm trying to decide if the obviousness of the concept outweighs the humor.

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Dan Anderson said...

I really like the song Beyond the Horizon.

speaking of general tv; you watched the new show The League? pretty funny imo if you're into that sorta thing.